HwBoro Museum Christmas Tea – Susan Weart – Santa Letters (1983)

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The Christmas Tea, Hopewell Museum 60th Anniversary — 1924-1984
Nov. 1983, 16×2 pp

Contents: Letters to Santa and replies, by Susan Weart, c 1933 – 1949

“Dedicated To: Miss Eleanor Weart for the dedication to the Library, and Miss Susan Weart for her devotion to the Museum, for the Thursday afternoon tea and whose wonderful imagination gave us the Santa Claus letters, and ‘THE CHRISTMAS TEA'”

“Each month Miss Susan held a Tea at the museum and at Thanksgiving she posted in the hall a letter to Santa Claus, North Pole, U.S.A., and signed her pseudonym “The Little Listener” or “The Ladies on the Willow-Ware”, (the tea was always served on the Willow Ware china). In her letter she asked Santa to bring her the household items she needed for the care and cleaning of the building and the operation of the museum. These requests included light bulbs, brooms, paint, furniture polish, mending tape, and always tea, cookies, sugar and napkins.

At the Christmas Tea, Miss Susan read a reply to Santa, thanking him for the many articles which had been sent to the museum. Over the years, from 1932-1949, most of these letters have been saved, and provide a very unique picture of the needs of the museum and the response of the public. This booklet contains copies of these letters and has been compiled in honor of Miss Eleanor and Miss Susan for the enjoyment of their many friends and the friends of the Hopewell Museum. Illustrations in the booklet have been done by a local artist Mrs. Jan P. Piggott. ”
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