HwBoro Railroad Place Sidings FCA Brief (2021)

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Property Brief: Hopewell Borough Railroad Sidings / FCA – 52/56 Railroad Place (2021)
9 pp.
The north side of Railroad Place, between the street and the train tracks, originally was a large open area with two diagonal railroad sidings. The eastward siding ran from behind the Freight Shed to a coal trestle in front of the Tomato Factory, and the westward siding ran to near the front of the train station.
This area has seen multiple buildings including a Hay Press, a Grain & Feed building, and a Farmers’ Co-op Association (FCA) store – with buildings destroyed by fires and arson, and then rebuilt in place.
This area currently has two buildings, Dance Exposure II (formerly the Consignment Gallery) and Firedance Studio.
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