Mercer Cty – Tercentenary – 1664 – 1964 (1964)

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Mercer County – Tercentenary – 1664 – 1964
Mercer County Tercentenary Commission, 1964 (175 pp)
Neroni Associates, Inc., Trenton, New Jersey
pp i – xviii, 1 – 157 (175 pp)
Commemorative book of the scope and nature of Mercer County’s Tercentenary, 1664-1964. “The major project of the Mercer County Tercentenary Commission, intended to be an enduring milestone to mark the 300th Anniversary of New Jersey and its component parts, especially Mercer County.”
Mercer County Today
– Geology and Resources, Education, Libraries, New Jersey State Cultural Center,
Museums, Business and Banking, Industry, Newspapers, Transportation, Public Utilities,
Research, Labor, Medicine and Hospitals, Religion, Welfare, Housing, Urban Renewal, Taxes,
Fire Protection, Police Protection and Penal Institutions, State Buildings
Townships and Municipalities
– East Windsor, Ewing, Hamilton, Hightstown, Hopewell Borough, Hopewell Township, Lawrence, Pennington, Princeton Borough, Princeton Township, Trenton, Washington, West Windsor
Historical People, Places, and Events
– Indians, Early Settlers, Mercer County in the Revolution, Historic Landmarks, Famous People, Birth of Masonic Order in America, The First Successful Steamboat, Rafting on the River,
Historical Stories
– Trenton- The Nation’s Capital, Almost, New Jersey State Fair, Saga of the River Boats, The Mercer Automobile, Martian “Invasion”, Recreation
Mercer County Tomorrow
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