Mercer & Somerset Railroad and Frog War – Kilbride (2016)

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The Mercer & Somerset Railroad and a Frog War
by John Kilbride
GSL Magazine, Issue 31, March 2016,
5 pages

Discusses the “Frog War” conflict of January 5 and 6, 1876, just south of Hopewell Borough.
The Delaware & Bound Brook Railroad (D&BB) needed to construct a “frog” for the tracks of its new line to cross the existing tracks of the Mercer & Somerset Railroad, part of the Camden & Amboy Railroad (C&A), owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Includes an account of the “Frog War” that appeared in the Sunday Times Advertiser newspaper of April 30, 1916. The reporter interviewed an anonymous eyewitness to the 1876 event from forty years earlier.
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