Reclaiming Lost Ground: Suffrage in NJ – McGoldrick & Crocco (1994)

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Reclaiming Lost Ground: The Struggle for Woman Suffrage in New Jersey – McGoldrick & Crocco (1994)
by Neale McGoldrick & Margaret Crocco
Funded by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, and New Jersey Historical Commission
Privately printed, 1993, second printing 1994, 120 pp.
Courtesy of Margaret Crocco,
Original scan by N.J. Council for the Social Studies (NJCSS),

From the preface:
The impetus for this book came from the Women’s Project of New Jersey, which published “Past and Promise: Lives of New Jersey Women,” a reference work on the history of women in New Jersey. Taking just one of the many topics suggested by that book, we have attempted to show the relationship between the movements for woman suffrage in New Jersey and on the national level.
The story begins in 1776 when women of property were accepted as voters under New Jersey’s original constitution. Later in the nineteenth century, women of New Jersey became involved with the same questions, stumbled over the same conflicts, and faced the same hurdles as women elsewhere. Some of the most prominent women in the national movement lived in New Jersey at various times. Lucy Stone lived in Orange, Elizabeth Cady Stanton lived in Tenafly, and Alice Paul was born in Moorestown. Ironically, however, these national figures did not dominate the local organizations such as the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association. Instead, readers will find new names: Lillian Feickert, Alison Hopkins, Mary Philbrook and others throughout the state, from Elizabeth to Vineland, from Morristown to Atlantic City.

Suffrage and the New Jersey Constitution – 2
Women’s Rights in the Jacksonian Era – 6
Two Directions in the National Suffrage Movement 1860-1900 – 13
Suffrage Activities in New Jersey 1865-1900 – 18
The National Movement 1900-1915 – 27
The New Jersey Campaign – 37
The Anti-Suffrage Response – 54
The Final Push for a Federal Amendment 61
The Reluctant Supporter: Woodrow Wilson on the Suffrage Question – 67
Cartoons as a Strategy for Molding Public Opinion – 72
Ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment – 75
Profiles of New Jersey Suffragists – 79
Timeline – 94
Woman Suffrage Around the World – 100
New Jersey Suffragists – 101
Anti-Suffragists – 109
Bibliography – 110
Index – 114
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