August 2019 Update

As of the end of September 2019, the site has 95 files posted, including 82 maps and 13 books (see Updates).

In the Book Archives, we have posted additional histories of Pennington and Hopewell around the 1876 Centennial:
– 1876 – History of the Old Presbyterian Church…at Pennington – George Hale
– 1876 – Historical Sketch of the Village of Hopewell from its Settlement to Present Days
– 1882 – Historical Sketch of the Old School Baptist Church, William Purington

Plus histories of New Jersey and Mercer County from the same period:
– 1865 – Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey in 1865, Barber & Howe
– 1883  – History of Burlington and Mercer Counties, N. J., Woodward & Hageman

In the Map Archives, search for “Fire” to view a selection of Fire Insurance maps created by Sanborn and Scarlett & Scarlett, with precise details of the structures in town, covering Hopewell, Pennington, and Titusville, during the period from 1890 through 1911.

Also search for “Hopewell Twp Tax Maps” for a selection of Hopewell Township municipal tax maps from 1941 – 1983, photographed at the Township building, with key maps and sheets covering the area around Hopewell Borough.

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