New Image Archives Design

The site has a new design for the Image Archives, with more flexibility in browsing, viewing, and searching the images.

You can browse all the images for a town (Hopewell Boro, Pennington, or Titusville / Washington Crossing), scrolling through them in a gallery, and resize them from tiny thumbnails to full-size images. And you can view individual images, stepping through them one by one, or as a slideshow. To look for specific images, you can search based on strings in the descriptive file names, including street, number, and year.

The interface works the same on computer desktops and tablet devices. On smaller smartphone screens, you can use the alternate mobile interface, or switch to the Desktop interface (and increase the image sizes to see the file name captions).

Features include:

  • Explore albums – by town
  • Browse galleries of images – by album, or from search
  • Search images – based on file name description, using multiple strings
  • View individual images – and step previous / next
  • View images as a slideshow
  • Select image size to display – tiny thumbnail to large
  • Download original full-size images

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