Community News Article Introducing the Hopewell Valley History Project

The Hopewell Express has published a article on the beginnings of the Hopewell Valley History Project:

“The project’s digital archives include historic e-books, pamphlets, tax maps, aerials, cultural studies and postcards. Local residents, friends and neighbors of Hopewell Borough along with the Hopewell Public Library, Hopewell Museum, Hopewell Valley Historical Society, New Jersey State Library, and New Jersey State Archives have all participated in the project to date. The digitized findings are broken down into three levels of reference for easy viewing. Along with the archives themselves, the site features guides and detailed stories referencing the artifacts.

… Right now, Dixon and neighbors are working on organizing and digitizing historical postcard collections with images of houses, streets and buildings from every angle in Hopewell Borough. They’re sorting the files and tagging the images by street address so the public can virtually walk down the street and enjoy pictures of the houses over time.”


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