Postcards of Pennington

Can you help identify and date these photos taken in Pennington in the mid to late 1900s? These are from different sets of postcards, but none of the cards were dated. There are some clues in the images, especially the models of the cars, but does anyone know more about these – when they were shot, or what other things they show?

## Updated with feedback from commentators on Facebook – It’s amazing how well people can identify cars from that era, especially when they are just a small part of the photos. We have sightings of a 1967 Ford Ranchero, 1966 Chevy Caprice, Ford Ranchero, early 60’s Ford Galaxie, Chevy Corvair, 61 Ford Falcon, Chevy Cavalier from 1982+, Volvo 740 wagon from 1985+, 1970s AMC Gremlin, and 1986 first generation Ford Taurus.

Pennington Pharmacy / North Main (c 1985)

This postcard focuses on the Pennington Pharmacy (“established in 1927”), with a view looking north up the side of Main Street from Delaware. The corner is now Vito’s pizza, with the Pennington Apothecary next door. It’s published by MCG.

The cars in the image appear to be from the early to mid 1980’s. (But is the flag flying to the right from the celebration of the 100th year of Pennington’s incorporation in 1990?)

Pennington Pharmacy, North Main Street

Does anyone have brochures or other documents or images from the Pennington 100th celebration? We only have a pamphlet from the 1990 HVHS Pennington house tour. (We do have some pamphlets from the Hopewell 100th a year later, including the opening ceremony and the associated HVHS house tour.)

Main Business District / North Main (c 1970)

Another postcard view looking north up both sides of Main Street from Delaware, with the “Rexall Drugs” sign on the left and the bank on the right. Published by Artvue.

Here the cars seem to be from around late 1960 to 1970.

Pennington Main Business District, North Main Street

Pennington Presbyterian Church / South Main (late 1960s)

This postcard shows the Pennington Presbyterian Church and graveyard, looking north up the side of South Main Street towards Delaware. It is labelled: “The Presbyterian Church was at the crossroads when our community began in 1709. British troops exercised their horses over the wall on the south side of the church in December, 1776.” Published by Artvue.

The card is postmarked in Pennington for the 1976 bicentennial, but the cars are from up to the late 1960s.

Pennington Presbyterian Church, South Main Street

Pennington Railroad Station (after 1985)

This postcard shows the “Historic Reading Railroad Station / An excellent example of Victorian architecture.” The station had very limited service by the early 1960s, and service was discontinued in 1967. (Service continued to Hopewell until 1982.) The building was then remodeled into a private residence in the mid-1970s. Published by MCG.

A Western Union sign is visible on the track side, with a cart and chests, but these appear in real estate photos taken after the station closed and some still decorate the building today. The condos in the back were built around 1985.

Pennington Reading Railroad Station

Gymnasium / Pennington School (??)

This last postcard is of the gymnasium at the Pennington School, and is labelled only “Founded 1838.”

There are no obvious clues as to when the photo was taken. Any ideas?

Pennington School Gymnasium

Thanks to Irene Wildgrube and the Washington Crossing Card Collectors Club (WC4) for these and other postcards in the Image Gallery.

See the Pennington Borough album in the Image Gallery. We could use help in identifying more of these images and annotating them with the associated street address.

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