October 2019 Update

As of the end of October 2019, the site has 108 files posted, including 86 maps and 22 books (see Updates).

One major addition to the Book Archives was the Hopewell Borough section of the 1985 Hopewell Cultural Resource Survey (see post), performed in 1985. The Hopewell Borough section includes both a Streetscape Survey with the history and important buildings of each street in the borough (actually divided into 56 blocks for longer streets), and a Buildings Survey of 54 historic (pre-1875) buildings.

Also, through the kindness of Roberta Mayer, author of author of 1909 Hopewell, New Jersey: One‐Hundred Years Later (Blurb, 2009), we have a much improved quality scan of the original 1909 Hopewell booklet by Fry & Whitehead, including enthusiastic descriptions of the advantages of Hopewell, 36 photos, and business advertisements.

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