December 2019 Update

Most of the December additions are already covered in blog posts, so here’s the summary. We finished the month with 128 files in the Archives, including 36 books and documents and 92 maps and aerials (see Updates). The Image Archives include 285 files, with 248 of Hopewell Boro, 26 of Pennington, and 11 of Titusville. Please keep the materials coming!

Books and Documents

  • Digitized and added another neglected publication to the site — A completely unknown, 539-page manuscript from 1960, Hopewell Academy (Forerunner of Brown University) and the Lives of Outstanding Graduates, by Dean Ashton. The book covers the genesis of the Hopewell Academy in the Hopewell Baptist Church in 1747, the work of Isaac Eaton in forming the school, the legacy and graduates of the school, and James Manning’s development of Brown University.
  • Added two books on the path to woman suffrage in New Jersey, including Reclaiming Lost Ground: The Struggle for Woman Suffrage in New Jersey by Neale McGoldrick and Margaret Crocco (1994).
  • Added a package of Hopewell railroad research material provided by Rick Porter that clarifies the construction of the Hopewell Railroad Station and the path of the Mercer & Somerset railroad tracks through Hopewell Borough.
  • Added an extract from the 1910 Bell Telephone Directory covering Hopewell Boro. The phone number for the Philadelphia & Reading Railway Station was “2”.


  • Added Hopewell Boro Tax Block/Lot Conversion Map (1993) showing old and new block/lot numbers. (Hopewell Boro changed block/lot numbers between the 1994 and 1995 tax years.)
  • Added 1777 map of Washington in New Jersey by William Faden — “Plan of the Operations of General Washington, against the Kings Troops in New Jersey from the 26th of December 1776 to the 3d January 1777.”


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