Hopewell Inn Demolition Updates

Updates on the demolition of the Hopewell Inn building – covering from the start of work on July 26 through August 2, 2022.

See below for Building History, Demolition Videos, Demolition Timeline in Photos, Construction Details, and Memorabilia.

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Summary – Each Day

Hopewell Inn / Central Hotel History

The Hopewell Valley Bistro & Inn building – at 15 East Broad Street on the corner of Seminary Avenue – has been demolished, beginning on July 26, 2022.

It will be rebuilt as an upscale restaurant and apartments, with a historically familiar design based on the heyday of the building around the 1930s (see MercerMe article).

New design as posted on the exterior fence

The building, long known as the Central Hotel, has a nearly 150 year history as a residential home and store, bar and restaurant, and lodging and apartments.

It goes back to Sarah and Susan Ann Sexton, who acquired the property in 1875 and then operated a drugstore there.

Central Hotel by 1914

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Demolition Videos

Last piece of front wall and porch along East Broad
Demo of last piece of building – Wall by side entrance

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Demolition Timeline in Photos – Day by Day

The demolition of the Hopewell Inn building began on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

Parking spots on West Broad and Seminary Avenue were blocked off. The work was estimated to take over a week. Water spray was used to keep down the dust.

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Day 1 – Tues., 7/26/22 – Rear

The excavator, dumpster, and trucks arrived late morning. The work started in the back right corner of the building (southwest, next to the Hopewell Public Library), removing that corner of the two-story addition behind the three-story main building with mansard roof that faces the street. This included the back of the octagonal addition on the right of the building (from the street).

Excavator at Work
End of First Day

Day 2 – Wed., 7/27/22 – Only Street Sides

Almost the entire building was down buy the end of the day, except for the ground floor walls of the two sides along West Broad and Seminary. The excavator undercut the building step by step from the rear, and the building caved in.

View from the corner of from East Broad and Seminary – The last two walls standing
View towards the Library from down Seminary
View east from the Library
View to open air through the front windows

Day 3 – Thurs., 7/28/22 – Building Gone

The Hopewell Inn building was no more. The last two pieces of the walls were removed – the first floor along East Broad from the octagon addition by the Library and along the porch to the corner of Seminary, and then towards the back along Seminary to the side entrance steps.

Last part of front wall and porch on East Broad
Last wall at side entrance on Seminary
Lone signpost was at corner of building
Final view from corner

Day 4 – Fri., 7/29/22 – Just Rubble

The Hopewell Inn property was reduced to rubble, with the foundations beginning to be exposed. The side entrance steps and wagon wheel handrail still remain, along with the adjoining cellar door.

Front side – south from East Broad
View west from Seminary
Porch steps – from East Broad
Basement steps – from side entrance on Seminary

Day 5 – Sat., 7/30/22 – Foundations

The rubble was removed from the Hopewell Inn property, leaving the foundations exposed. These were a mix of newer concrete block for the front porch and side entrance, and the older stone walls under the original building.

Original building – south from East Broad
Cellar steps – west from Seminary
Front of building – east from Library
Rear of building – east from Library
Drone aerial of foundations from Steve Webb

Day 6 – Mon., 8/1/22 – Old Pit

The old foundations were removed, leaving the empty pit in the area of the old building.

Pit under front of old building along East Broad
Pit under length of old building along Seminary Ave.

Day 7 – Tues., 8/2/22 – New Pit

The pit was expanded for the foundations under the new building.

New pit for front of new building next to Library
New pit along Seminary facing East Broad

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Construction Details

Hopewell Inn Memorabilia

Before the demolition, we were able to preserve some artifacts of the building’s use as the Hopewell Valley Bistro & Inn. These include examples of the building exterior and interior, signage and menus, decorative items, and dishware and glassware.

Hopewell Inn Artifacts

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Thanks to Barbara Reeder and Dave Silvester for sharing additional imagery and videos of the demolition.

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The Hopewell Valley Bistro & Inn building at 15 East Broad Street on the corner of Seminary Avenue was demolished in July 2022. Long known as the Central Hotel, the building had a nearly 150 year history as a residential home and store, bar and restaurant, and lodging and apartments.

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