House and Street Images

We have expand from collecting books and maps into assembling images of local buildings and streets, starting by adding over 200 digitized photos and postcards of Hopewell Borough, identified by address. These are scanned from historic books left by our forebearers (Hopewell has both Healthful Historic Hopewell from 1897 and 1909 Hopewell), and from the kindness of local postcard collectors who are happy to share images of their cards.

See the Image Gallery (PDF) for summaries and descriptions of the available sets of images, including the sources / contributors and the naming conventions used for the files.

[As of late 12/19] The Image Archives are hosted on a separate site. You can browse by town, view individual images and slideshows, and search by name (including street, address, year, and description). The files are named by street address and year for convenient searching and sorting. This makes it easy to “walk” along a street, comparing images across different years and from different sources, especially because while some images isolate on a specific house, others show the scene looking down a street.

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