Hopewell Valley Towns in the Early 1900s

History is not only about facts, but also about understanding people and their stories, including their lives, organizations, businesses, and towns. And sometimes our predecessors leave us a window into how they see their lives. One unexpected example of this is The Industrial Directory of New Jersey, which was printed by the N. J. Bureau … Continue reading Hopewell Valley Towns in the Early 1900s

House and Street Images

We have expand from collecting books and maps into assembling images of local buildings and streets, starting by adding over 200 digitized photos and postcards of Hopewell Borough, identified by address. These are scanned from historic books left by our forebearers (Hopewell has both Healthful Historic Hopewell from 1897 and 1909 Hopewell), and from the … Continue reading House and Street Images

Hopewell’s Past by Betty Gantz

We are thrilled to announce that the site now includes the Hopewell’s Past book by Betty Gantz, through the kind support of her son, Robert. Mrs. Gantz began this project as a series of columns in the Hopewell Valley News from June 1976 through at least January 1986, and then then edited her columns into … Continue reading Hopewell’s Past by Betty Gantz

The Hopewell “Castle” in the News

Diccon Hyatt recently wrote a feature article for the U.S. 1 Newspaper, “Uncovering the Dark Secrets of the Castle,” on the infamous “Castle” building up the hill to the north of Hopewell Boro. The Castle was built by Webster Edgerly, a 19th-century health guru who made his fortune selling mail-order books through an organization he … Continue reading The Hopewell “Castle” in the News