“Real Photo” Postcards of Titusville, Pennington, and the Valley

The Image Gallery has added more than 95 postcards thanks to the continued kindness of local collector Steven Cohen, who is also involved with the Washington Crossing Card Collectors Club (WC4).

Steven specializes in Real Photo Postcards (RPPC), which are produced by a photographic process using a camera and photographic paper (i.e., like a photo print). As a result, the image typically fills the full extent of the card, and many of these cards are one of a kind. 

These added cards include 30-some of these real photo images around the valley, including the Harbourton store, school, and road; the Woodsville Post Office; and scenes around Titusville / Washington’s Crossing including the canal with railroad stations and bridges, the river and Rubber Mill, and a variety of street scenes with stores and schools.

Harbourton Store and Titusville “Columbia Wagons”

The large group of Pennington cards back to c. 1906 include multiple scenes of businesses, schools, churches, residences, and the train station; street scenes along Main, Delaware, Franklin, and Eglantine; and a variety of scenes around the Pennington Seminary (now School), including football action and a baseball champion team.

The collection also includes a few unique and intriguing photos of Hopewell Borough, including a stereo view and an advertisement dated 1881 showing train boxcars unloading.

This open, public, shared collection of historic images of the Hopewell Valley currently includes contributions from over 10 local collectors, including over 275 postcards. Please do contact us if you have materials to share – postcards and images, books and pamphlets, maps and other materials.

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