Hopewell Borough Aerial Panoramas

We wanted to get some aerial images of Hopewell Borough to help understand and explain the history and development of the town. So one bright sunny day in early April we sent up a drone to capture aerial photos and videos over the town.

== View the Hopewell Borough Aerial Panoramas ==

And Hopewell does look great! – The buildings glowing in the sun under the deep blue sky, with the trees not yet filled in (so you can still see the buildings), and even not much traffic on the streets.

So here are aerial panoramas looking over Hopewell from six different points along the town, west to east. These are 180 degree views from side to side, with streets visible end to end, close-ups in the center area, and stretching off to the horizon in the distance. Most were shot at a height of 200 to 400 feet. 

West Broad St. at Mercer St. looking North
(Broad St. end to end, past the Old Baptist Church and cemetery)
West Broad St. between Greenwood Ave. and Mercer St. looking South
(Broad St. end to end, past Gazebo Park)
Above the Castle looking Northeast
(North Greenwood Ave. from Highland Cemetery past the Train Station)
Above the Castle looking East
(North Greenwood Ave. and Broad St. to Mercer St.)
East Broad St. at Princeton Ave. looking West
(from Princeton Ave. to East to West Broad St. to Hamilton Av.)  
East Broad St. / East Prospect St. at Elm Ave. looking West
(from the Elementary School and St. Alphonsus to Hopewell Village Square) 

Click the links to view the panoramas in a viewer on a separate web page, so you can zoom in and pan around in the large image.  On a computer, use the +/- buttons to zoom (or the mouse wheel) and click and drag the mouse to pan. On a portable device, use the standard two-finger “pinch-zoom” to zoom in and out, and drag with your finger to pan. (Note: You may need to tap after panning to fill in the full-resolution image.) Click the “Z” button to reset to the initial view of the full image.

These images were shot by Jin Wu, professional photographer and licensed drone pilot – FotosfortheFuture.com.

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