Hopewell Fire Department 75th Anniversary Booklet

We are pleased to scan and share the 75th Anniversary Program booklet for the Hopewell Fire Department, 1911 – 1986 (PDF).

This is 77 pages of fascinating reading, with an extensive history and chronology of the multiple (at least three!) fire departments in town, plus loads of period photos, with lots of fire equipment (not surprisingly) and a bonus large group photo of the entire department taken in December 1985.

For history buffs, there’s also 30-some pages of congratulatory ads from local organizations and businesses, and listings of the past and current officers.

This is a real treasure – but does anyone have a copy of the 50th anniversary program for the Fire Department that we can also scan and share? Or other similar material? There are still some unresolved details on exactly when and where the various fire companies were located around town.


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