Hopewell Mementos

It’s time to start planning ahead for your holiday shopping, so break out your coin saver and start filling in dimes – In just 30 days you will have saved a whole $3.00! Or join the Santa Pack’s Christmas Club, and save 50 cents a week for 50 weeks to reach $25!

== View the new Mementos Gallery for more images ==

The coin saver and Christmas Club promotional card are mementos from the Hopewell Savings and Loan Association, which was at East Broad and Maple Street in Hopewell Boro (what we now call the former Amy Karyn building at 64 East Broad).

The Hopewell S&L was established in 1914, the building was reportedly built in 1958, and eventually replaced by Sun Bank by 2003, so it’s not clear exactly when these were distributed.

** Does anyone have more details on these banks?

The other memento is a memorial plate from the Hopewell Calvary Baptist Church. According to church friends, there were two such plates, for the 75th and the 100th anniversaries. This plate clearly shows the new entrance to the church with pillars (added in 1952), but still has the original steeple (replaced in 1993), so this must be the 100th anniversary plate from 1971, and not the 75th from 1946 (which was reportedly blue anyway).

** Does anyone have the Calvary Baptist 75th anniversary (blue) plate from 1946? Or other materials from its anniversaries? (We do have the 95th Anniversary booklet in the Document Archives.)

These items are the beginning of a new Mementos Gallery on the site; a place to save and share fun keepsakes that also are of cultural or historical interest as relics of their times, and that provide information on local organizations and businesses.

** As usual, we welcome other mementos, images, documents and other historical material on the Hopewell Valley that we can share on the site.

PS: Yes, memento is spelled with an initial “e”, since it is derived from remember: a reminder or souvenir of something, especially a past event or time. Momento (with an “o”) is technically a misspelling, but apparently is commonly used enough to be considered an alternate spelling. (You’re welcome, I’m sure.)

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