Shop Hopewell – and Area Maps

The Downtown Hopewell group (@downtownhopewell) has just released a new Shop Hopewell brochure promoting the support of local businesses. It has a nice Explore Hopewell Borough map highlighting all the great places to shop and eat in town, plus the other side provides more details on local stores.

== View the new Shop Hopewell brochure & map ==

It’s fun to see these kinds of inventive approaches to doing local maps – for different purposes (municipalities, business groups, house tours), in different styles (playful to formal), and with different annotations (businesses, historical, municipal, house tour).

We have various official municipal maps in the Maps Archive (especially those so exciting tax maps), but the real fun is in the Pamphlet Collection, as highlighted below.

  • The colorful 2016 Hopewell Borough 125th Anniversary map by Emily Muschinske is drawn in a friendly style, and still crams in an amazing amount of detail on historic and borough sites, local dining, services, and shops & studios.
  • The more official 1999 Hopewell Borough Town map from the 1999 municipal brochure has a line map of the town, with an inset of the larger Township area down past Trenton.

What other maps of the area are your favorites? Which do you find especially helpful or useful?

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