1966 Snowy Aerials of Pennington and Hopewell

We have two new aerial photos from 1966, showing views to the horizon of Pennington and Hopewell boroughs. The ground is blanketed in snow, with open area and fields surrounding the development in the towns. These are thanks again to Roger Labaw, who filmed these while flying in a private plane.

Looking East Over Pennington Borough

View looking east over Pennington Borough to the horizon – from over Hopewell Valley Central High School, up Delaware Avenue to downtown Pennington and beyond.

The lower horizontal road is Route 31, with some development. Pennington Market is on the right at Delaware Avenue, but with no shopping center behind.

The upper horizontal line is the train tracks, with the Pennington School behind and on the right.

The view then continues on past Pennington up Federal City Road into the distance.

Looking East Over Hopewell Borough

View looking east over Hopewell Borough to the horizon – from over Crusher Road, up Route 654 into downtown Hopewell, and then on in the distance on Route 518 East to Blawenberg and Rocky Hill.

The strong vertical line on the left is the train tracks. The tracks go under the Van Dyke Road bridge at the bottom left, cross Louellen Street (on the diagonal), go under the Greenwood Avenue bridge in Hopewell, and then turn off in the distance to Belle Mead.

The vertical road in the middle is Route 564 from Route 31 to Hopewell. Crusher Road is off to the bottom right with the Quarry. Entering Hopewell, the new Taylor Terrace development is on on the left (with minimal trees), before Louellen Street (on the diagonal). Broad Street / Route 518 then continues east into the distance to Blawenberg and Rocky Hill.

Panoramic Aerials

These aerial images are part of the Map Archives, for convenient searching across maps and aerial images.

They also can be viewed with the Panorama Collection Viewer, which provides a pan/zoom interface for exploring within the images.

Enjoy! We welcome any other panoramic images that you may have or know about.

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