1960s Hopewell Snowy Views

Here are some chilly-looking seasonal views of perhaps familiar scenes around Hopewell. As a bonus these vistas seem much more open – with the snow on the ground, and the leaves off the trees you can really see the surrounding area. And the 1960 vintage cars just complete the picture.

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1961 Hills and Valleys

These two 1961 photos from Peter Gantz show long views from area hills down into the distance.

This photo is along Van Dyke Road, presumably looking south to the train tracks and Pennington-Hopewell Road in the distance.

The roads are well covered with drifting snow.

Here is an AMC Rambler working its way along Stony Brook Road, complete with the dog hanging out the window.

There’s a farm and silo in the far distance, but where exactly is this?

1961/62 Hopewell Outskirts

These two photos on the outskirts of Hopewell Borough show the open spaces just outside the town.

This 1961 photo from Peter Gantz also appears to show wide open fields out in the country. But this is actually at the northwest edge of Hopewell Borough, looking easterly up Hart Avenue from Louellen Avenue.

Today the corner is still open fields, but the roads are now lined with trees.

This 1962 photo from Roger Labaw is in the same area – but showing the view westerly up Louellen to the train crossing in the distance, and the intersection with Hart Avenue beyond.

The roads have been well cleared, and multiple cars are on the move.

1956 & 1979 Downtown Hopewell

And in case you were not getting chilled enough, here are two more photos of downtown Hopewell in the snow.

This 1956 photo from the Hall family shows the view looking west on Broad Street in Hopewell, past Greenwood Avenue and towards Louellen Avenue in the distance.

There are cars parked (or trapped) along the street, and people working on digging them out.

And jumping forward in time, this 1979 photo from Gary Saretzky (see earlier post) shows the same intersection (now with traffic lights), but looking north up Greenwood Avenue past Broad Street and beyond to the railroad bridge.

Only one poor soul is out on the streets.

Thanks again to the many contributors who have shared their photos on the History Project. We welcome additional contributions that illustrate the Hopewell Valley at different times, from professional photographs to home snapshots.

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  1. Barbara Russell

    In the 1961 snow picture from Peter Gantz, the farm in the background was Edgar Lombardi’s on 100 Stony Brook Road.

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