Hopewell Township Historic Sites

Do you know the many historic sites in our Hopewell Valley?

The Hopewell Township Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) has helped spread the word by publishing two sets of bookmarks describing local historic properties.

The HPC published these in two sets, with sixteen bookmarks done in 2004, and a second set of eight in 2020 (with a couple expansions of the earlier set).

You can quickly browse the historic sites below, with quick summaries, and then click to see the full sets of bookmarks.

Each bookmark highlights a particular historic site, with information on its history, and whether it is listed on the National, New Jersey, and/or Hopewell Township Register of Historic Places.

Copies of the bookmarks are currently available at the Hopewell Valley Historical Society archives at the Hopewell Township branch of the Mercer County Library, and at the Hopewell Public Library.

Also see the Hopewell Township HPC website for links to more information on designated landmarks, including this map of registered Historic Districts and Historic Landmarks.

== See the full set of Hopewell Township Historic Site Bookmarks (large PDF)
in the Pamphlet Collection ==

2004 Hopewell Township Historic Site Bookmarks

  • Bear Tavern Road Bridge (1882), Route 576 at Jacobs Creek [Twp 2001]
  • Upper Belmont Farm (1700s), Route 29 at Valley Road [NJ 1980]
  • Harbourton Village Store (1768), Harbourton-Rocktown Road [Site NR]
  • Harts Corner Schoolhouse (1906), Scotch and Pennington-Washington Crossing roads
  • Noah Hunt House (1700s), Blackwell Road / Rosedale Park [NR 1988]
  • Wilson Hunt Farm / Woodward Farm (1730), Marshalls Corner-Woodsville Road [Twp 2001]
  • Ichabod Leigh House (1835), Cherry Valley Road [NR 1975]
  • Marshall’s Corner Schoolhouse (1825), Pennington-Hopewell Road near Marshalls Corner-Woodsville Road
  • Old Methodist Cemetery / New Light/New Side Presbyterian Cemetery (c1750), Pennington-Titusville Road   
  • Mine Road Bridge (1885), Mine Road at Stony Brook    [Twp 2001]
  • Mount Rose Distillery / Whiskey House (1860), Pennington-Rocky Hill Road [Site NR]
  • Phillips/Howell Farmstead / Howell Farm (1750s), Valley Road and Woodens Lane [NR 1977]
  • Hopewell Township Poor Farm / Col. John Van Cleve (1843), Pennington Mountain  [NR 1983]
  • Somerset Roller Mills (1840s), Jacobs Creek meets Delaware River  [NR 1974] 
  • John Stout House / Hunt House (1725/1850s), Province Line Road   
  • Jeremiah Woolsey House (1768),  Washington Crossing-Pennington Road  [NR 1975]

2020 Hopewell Township Historic Site Bookmarks

  • Harbourton Rural Historic District (pre 1765/1800s), Route 579 and Mt. Airy Road [NR]
  • Jacob’s Creek Bridge (1882/2018), Bear Tavern Road -> Valley Road at Moore’s Creek    [Twp 1991]
  • Knowles House and Store / Titusville Store (pre 1819), River Drive & Church Road [Site NR]
  • Samuel Moore Sr. House / John Welling (pre 1770), Curlis Lane [NR]
  • Mount Rose Distillery Archaeological Site / Whiskey House (1870), Pennington-Rocky Hill Road [NR]
  • Mount Rose General Store (c1831), Carter Road and Cherry Valley Road [Site NR]
  • Andrew Titus House (1760), Church Road   
  • Enos Titus Farmstead (c1805), Pennington-Rocky Hill Road           

Thanks to Max Hayden and the Hopewell Township HPC for creating and sharing these bookmarks highlighting our local historic sites.

== See the full set of Hopewell Township Historic Site Bookmarks (large PDF)
in the Pamphlet Collection ==

We welcome additional information and contributions about these and other historic sites.

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