Quarry Swim Club Photos – 1950s and 60s

Thanks to Rich Anderson, we have a fun collection of 12 photos of the Quarry Swim Club on Crusher Road, taken while Rich was working there in the 1950s and 60s.

These include views around the facility, with the swimming pool and quarry, views out to the fields and Crusher Road, and shots of activities and some of the people working there.

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Quarry Swim Club

Hopewell Herald 6/11/1941

These photos were taken at the Quarry Swim Club around 1958 to 1964. Dezzie and Annie Bond Casey had been managing the facility since the early 1940s, when the pool was added. Forrest Lowe would later take over around 1970.

As Rich Anderson reports, at the time, he and Fred Fritz worked the weekdays along with Mrs. Casey, who ran the entrance gate. They also worked weekends, with additional staff including Mr. Casey, Forest Lowe, and Leroy and Carol Tyler, all of whom were Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. The Snack bar was run by Mrs. Fritz, who lived in back of the Quarry.

In the 1950’s a season pass for the summer was $10. Casey also organized annual Water Carnival events in cooperation with the American Red Cross.

Selected Photos

Selected photos showing the facility, activities, and people. The other photos also show Fred Fritz cleaning the pool, and Rich Anderson on the paddle board.

See all the 1950s-60s Quarry Photos in the Image Gallery

Quarry 1950s – Pool
Quarry 1960 – Water Safety show – Mike Howl with mic, Dezzie Casey in bathing suit
Quarry 1960 – Guard Shed with Fred Fritz & Carol Tyler
Quarry 1964 – Low water – View toward Crusher Road

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1942 – Hopewell Quarry Swim Club – Diving from boards, bathers on rafts, climbing the cliffs, and diving from cliffs. Plus a bather washing the windows of a NJ State Police Patrol car.

1946 – Hopewell Quarry Swim Club and swimming pool – Multiple scenes in the swimming pool and in the quarry, diving off the cliff. Plus the Model A Ford painted in the Quarry colors.

We welcome additional information and photos to share the history of the Hopewell Quarry.

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