The Game of Hopewell

It’s The Game of Hopewell!

This Monopoly-like board game is from the 1985 Hopewell Community Day, and features Hopewell Borough institutions and businesses on the spaces around the edge of the board.

You start at the Elementary School corner, and then the other corners have the Borough Hall & Fire House (Tax!) and the Mini Park.

The spaces along the sides feature local businesses, some long gone, and some still familiar – including the Pharmacy, Hopewell House, Valley Oil, Valley News, Dana, Hillbilly Hall, and Chubby’s. Note that fittingly the Montgomery Bank is the most expensive regular space.

The game box also includes a History of Hopewell Borough by Betty Gantz, from the Hopewell Business Associates.

These board games “personalized for your city” were marked by G & J Ideas of Myerstown, Pa.

Thanks to Bob Lawless for preserving and sharing this, and to all the sponsors and contributors who are credited on the game board.

== See more close-ups of the board in the Image Gallery ==

  • See also the Game of Hopewell Valley, created in 1993 by the Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance.
  • A new Hopeopoly game also was created as a fund-raiser for the Hopewell Public Library (see MercerMe)

Community Day

Community Day was a follow-on to earlier Carnivals sponsored by the Hopewell Fire Department starting in 1911 through the mid 1950s, and then by the American Legion around the 1960s and 1970s (see earlier post).

These evolved into Community Day, and then the current Harvest Fair (see earlier post).

We have all but one of the Harvest Fair almanacs in the Pamphlet Collection.

  • Does anyone have the missing 2003 Harvest Fair almanac?
  • Does anyone have more of the Community Day pamphlets? We are missing all but two of them.

Hopewell Business Association

The Hopewell Business Association (HBA) sponsored Community Day and a wide range of activities over the years, including the Hopewell mugs and Holiday street lighting, but it recently was dissolved.

We have a handful of HBA listings from 1993 and the 2010s in the Pamphlet Collection, but are missing many years of records of these local businesses.

  • Does anyone have Hopewell Business Association records or other information?

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  2. […] This is “The Game of Hopewell Valley” from 1993 – not to be confused with “The Game of Hopewell [Boro]” from 1985 (see earlier post). […]

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