The Game of Hopewell Valley

This is “The Game of Hopewell Valley” from 1993 – not to be confused with “The Game of Hopewell [Boro]” from 1985 (see earlier post).

The Game of Hopewell Valley – 1993 – game board
The Game of Hopewell Valley – box with directions and pieces
The Game of Hopewell [Boro] – 1985

Both are Monopoly-like board games, complete with property and chance cards – and stacks of play money.

The “Hopewell” game was created by the 1985 Hopewell Community Day and features Hopewell Borough businesses on the property squares around the edges of the board.

This “Hopewell Valley” game then was created in 1993 by the Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance (Hopewell Township plus Hopewell and Pennington Boroughs).

The Game of Hopewell Valley – game squares with businesses

The board features drawings of scenes around the Valley, with the Hopewell Museum, the Nelson House in the Township, and the Pennington Train Station. The property squares include a variety of businesses, mostly from Pennington and also Hopewell, plus Lawrenceville, Trenton, and Kingston (Trap Rock).

The only two companies appearing on both game boards are the Hopewell Pharmacy and Vincenzo’s Pizza.

There’s a broad selection of Hopewell Valley businesses – with industrial construction and equipment; realtors and landscaping and gardens; medical and insurance and funeral parlors; cars and auto repair and gas stations; restaurants and groceries – plus bikes, pets, gifts, and hand me downs.

Besides providing fun memories, these games are wonderfully useful in not only identifying the active businesses of their time, but also showing their logos and graphics.

Thanks to Rae Grasso for discovering and sharing the pristine set of The Game of Hopewell Valley, and to Bob Lawless for sharing The Game of Hopewell.

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  • A new Hopeopoly game also was created as a fund-raiser for the Hopewell Public Library (see MercerMe)

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