June 2022 Update – Twin Pine

The June updates to the History Project included Twin Pine Airport, the Game of Hopewell Valley, Hopewell Inn Memorabilia, and other materials. (See Site Updates for more.)

By the numbers, we finished the month with 266 files in the Archives, including 130 documents and 136 maps and aerials. The Image Gallery now has 2855 files, and the Aerial Panoramas Collection has 23 images. The Pamphlet Collection has 169 documents, and the Property Reports Collection has 84 documents, with 58 Site Survey reports and 26 Property Briefs. The interactive History Map includes 775 addresses with 102 historic places in Hopewell Borough. Please keep the materials coming! The History Project YouTube Channel is hosting 14 videos, plus 6 external local history videos, plus 3 videos of presentations.

Twin Pine Airport

Twin Pain Airport – fly-in from early 1960s – Hanger in background

The Twin Pine Airport operated from c1945 to 2008 on a 51-acre site at the northwest side of the intersection of Lawrenceville-Pennington Road and Federal City Road. The property is now the Twin Pines Recreation Area, home to numerous soccer fields.

The Game of Hopewell Valley

The Game of Hopewell Valley – game board

The Game of Hopewell Valley from 1993 is a Monopoly-like board game, complete with property and chance cards – and stacks of play money. It was was created in 1993 by the Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance (Hopewell Township plus Hopewell and Pennington Boroughs).

The property squares include a variety of businesses, mostly from Pennington and also Hopewell, plus Lawrenceville, Trenton, and Kingston (Trap Rock).

An earlier The Game of Hopewell [Boro] from 1985 was created by the Hopewell Community Day and features Hopewell Borough businesses on the property squares around the edges of the board.

Hopewell Inn Memorabilia

These are images of memorabilia from the Hopewell Valley Bistro & Inn building – at 15 East Broad Street on the corner of Seminary Avenue – which was being prepped for demolition. The building, long known as the Central Hotel, has a nearly 150 year history as a residential home and store, bar and restaurant, and lodging and apartments.

Through the kindness of the new owners and the general contractor, we recently had the opportunity to tour the building in order to photograph and save some artifacts of its use as the Hopewell Valley Bistro & Inn. These include examples of the building interior, signage and menus, decorative items, and dishware and glassware.

Hopewell Inn Artifacts

Yard Sailing for Local History

Pennington Churches Plate – NJ Tercentenary – 1664-1964

On the weekend of Hopewell Borough’s annual Town-Wide Yard Sale, we asked locals to be on the lookout for historic artifacts that we can preserve and share here on the History Project site.

Here are some examples of contributed materials already on the History Project site, including documents, maps & aerials, images & videos, and artifacts.

These do not need to be unique or rare – Instead, they not only can evoke fond memories, but the also help us visualize and document the corresponding time and place.

Other Materials

Other material added to the site this month included:

Please contact us if you have – or know of – images and materials that we can share to help illuminate the history of our Hopewell Valley.

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