Yard Sailing for Local History

It’s Hopewell Borough’s annual Town-Wide Yard Sale weekend, Saturday and Sunday, June 11 & 12. So as you clear out the attic and browse the sales – this weekend and this summer – please be on the lookout for historic artifacts that we can preserve and share here on the History Project site.

Here are some examples of these kinds of materials already on the History Project site. None of these are stunningly unique or rare, but they can evoke fond memories, and help us visualize and document the corresponding time and place.

We welcome images of such artifacts, or will be happy to photograph or scan materials to share. – See the bottom of the page for contact information.

Printed Documents

Books, pamphlets, deeds / plans, and other papers on local people, organizations, places, events, etc.

  • See the Document Archives for published books and other documents, including History Project history and property briefs
  • See the Pamphlet Collection for leaflets and pamphlets distributed by local municipalities and organizations
  • See the Hopewell Borough History Briefs for historical information and chronologies on Hopewell Borough organizations, businesses, and properties, and the people that made them
Mount Rose presentation by Max Hayden for the HPL (2019)

Mount Rose by Max Hayden (PDF)

Presentation by local architect Max Hayden for the Hopewell Public Library on the history of Mount Rose, the unincorporated community on the ridge south of Hopewell Borough, at the corner of Princeton Avenue / Carter Road and Pennington-Rocky Hill Road / Cherry Valley Road.

Contributed by Max Hayden, with images of historical photos, documents, maps, and newspaper articles.

Maps & Aerials

Historic and municipal maps of local areas, plus aerial images.

1914 map of the Delaware & Raritan Canal system

1914 Delaware & Raritan Canal Map (post)

Map of the entire Delaware & Raritan Canal system, providing detailed view of the canal route and the adjacent rivers, with town names, townships and counties, railroad lines, and major roads.

It also identifies the bridges and locks along the canal, and has details on the overhead bridges along the route, particularly in Trenton.

Contributed by Rich Anderson, who found it at a flea market.

Images & Videos

Imagery of local people, places, and events – photos, postcards, drawings, artwork, etc. – including family snapshots and videos.

  • See the Image Gallery for images of local towns, plus albums of artwork, photography, mementos, and railroads.
  • See the YouTube Channel for local family videos including local places and events, plus History Project presentations and other external videos
Village of Washington’s Crossing (1911)
Delaware River, Washington’s Crossing (c1910s)

Postcards from local Washington Crossing Card Collectors Club (WC4) postcard shows in Titusville


Physical mementos of local organizations, businesses, etc., including plates, bottles, signage, labels, and products.

Pennington Churches Plate – NJ Tercentenary – 1664-1964
Pennington Churches Plate – NJ Tercentenary – 1664-1964 (back)

Pennington Churches plate courtesy of Bob Warznak. Includes drawings of 6 churches, and Pennington history on back. See other plates in the Hopewell Mementos album, including the Pennington Centennial and Pennington Grange.


Paper relics of events, places, and organizations including theater programs, signage, posters, menus, matchbooks, and tickets.

Karen’s at Brookside – Final Season handout (2003)

Karen’s at Brookside – Final Season (PDF)

“We’ve been around a long time. but this is our last season. Alas, Karen’s will become a turning lane off Route 31 at the end of our 2003 season…

Karen Bendix-Rowland has owned and operated Karen’s for over 28 years… She has faithfully served your favorite burgers, cheese steaks, and ice cream and helped create a lot of memories for old and young alike.”

Contributed by Dick Sudlow, who thought to save it for some twenty years.


Historical Discoveries

These are just a few examples of the kind of discoveries that are still to be found around local attics and cellars.

So please do keep an eye out for these kinds of artifacts and materials, so we can digitize and share them for all on the History Project site before they are lost. If appropriate, we also can help pass them on to the Hopewell Museum or the Hopewell Valley Historical Society to be archived and preserved.

See the bottom of the page for contact information.

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