June 2023 Update – Pennington Day

The June updates to the History Project included a collection of Pennington Day booklets, the “Houses of Hopewell” by Harry McCandless, information on the Construction on the Runyon Property in Hopewell, and the Hopewell National Bank Stone Sign. (See Site Updates for more.)

By the numbers, we finished the month with 300 files in the Archives, including 150 documents and 150 maps and aerials. The Image Gallery now has 3298 files, and the Panoramas Collection has 44 images. The Pamphlet Collection has 209 documents, and the Property Reports Collection has 87 documents, with 58 Site Survey reports and 29 Property Briefs. The interactive History Map includes 775 addresses with 102 historic places in Hopewell Borough. The History Project YouTube Channel is hosting 28 videos, plus 16 external local history videos, including 6 videos of History Project presentations. Please keep the materials coming!

Pennington Day Booklet Collection

The Pennington Day Booklet Collection includes eleven booklets from the period of 1987 through 1999 (with a couple missing), thanks to Jon and Mary Baum, who created the booklets from 1989 to 1996.  The over 400 pages were scanned to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, with text recognition (OCR) run on them so they are fully searchable.

Pennington Day booklet covers 1987-1999

Does anyone have more of the Pennington Day booklets to share – from the first event in 1980 to 1986, 1988, 1998, or into the 2000’s?

“Houses of Hopewell” by Harry McCandless

“Houses of Hopewell”

“Houses of Hopewell, New Jersey” by Hopewell area artist Harry McCandless was released in 1996 as a limited edition print. It depicts twelve historic houses in the town of Hopewell.

The associated index for the print lists the twelve houses, with their address, approximate year built, the original owner, and the then-current (1996) owners of each property.

Construction on the Runyon Property in Hopewell

Runyon house

Construction has begun on the Runyon Property in Hopewell at 19 West Broad Street, just west of South Greenwood Avenue.

The house is one of the oldest in the borough. The construction plan will create four separate duplex units, resulting in a total of eight rental units. The original house will be preserved and converted into two separate units. Three barns on the property will provide the additional duplex units.

Hopewell National Bank Stone Sign

Hopewell National Bank stone sign

This is the old engraved Hopewell National Bank Stone Sign, which originally was installed above the door of the bank building at the corner of Broad and Greenwood streets in Hopewell.

It was found in a truckload of fill dirt, and was saved and is currently on display at the new Sentiment Depot Antiques and Collectibles store at 238 West Delaware Ave. in Pennington.

Please contact us if you have – or know of – other images and materials that we can share to help illuminate the history of our Hopewell Valley.

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