New 1964 Panoramas, and Collections

We’ve added new 1964 aerial images – from the year the Beatles took America by storm. This project expanded into developing a new Aerial Panorama Viewer for exploring them (including panning and zooming into the images), which then grew into extending the simple Collections Viewer interface to support the other History Project collections.

New 1964 Aerial Panoramas

First, we have new aerial images of Hopewell Township, Hopewell Borough, and Pennington Borough, from the Mercer County Tercentenary booklet (1664-1964), courtesy of Dick and Hope Sudlow:

  • Hopewell Township – looking northeast from Washington Crossing
  • Hopewell Borough – looking west over the town, with the new Taylor Terrace development
  • Pennington Borough – looking north as Route 69 (now Route 31) crosses the railroad tracks

== Click to view the 1964 Mercer Aerial Panoramas ==

Panorama Viewer

And there’s an improved way to explore the Panoramas – a new Aerial Panorama Viewer that displays all the available images in a simple table, with thumbnails. (Click for more on all the Panoramas.)

The list of panoramas is organized by date, town, and category, so you can use the Viewer to browse, sort, search, and filter the images to select the images of interest.

Plus when you click on an image in the list, the panorama is displayed in a new image pan/zoom viewer, so you can smoothly display, zoom in and out, and pan around in the image – both on desktop computers and on touch and mobile devices.

(This same pan/zoom viewer is also used in the Hopewell History Map.)

== Click to view the full Aerial Panoramas Collection ==

The Collections Viewer

But there’s more – The new Panorama Viewer uses the same simple interface as the existing Pamphlet Viewer, to provide a straightforward way to explore a list of files. In fact, the History Collections Viewer app has been extended to provide a similar interface for browsing all the collections on the site (excepting the separate Image Gallery for large albums of photos).

The Collections Viewer web application provides a simple interface to the different collections by displaying all the files in the collection in one table for convenient browsing, searching, and filtering, including a thumbnail preview and information on each file. Simply click on an entry to display the associated file in a new window. (Click for more on viewing the Collections.)

All the History Project Collections

The available materials on the History Project site are organized into six collections, including some 90 Documents and books, 110 Maps and aerials, 140 Pamphlets and leaflets, 65 Property reports, 15 Panoramic aerials, and 1770 Images and artworks (as of February 2021).

See the History Project Site Index for a more detailed breakdown of the different collections and ways to access them.

Document Collection
Pamphlet Collection
Aerial Panoramas Collection

The History Project collections, with direct links to view the collections and links to more information:

  • 📌 Map Archives – The primary research collection of historic and municipal maps, with descriptive information. Or use the Map Collection as a simpler way to quickly search and explore the files. (See the Archives About page for more information.)
  • 🏠 Property Reports Collection – Documentation on historic properties: Cultural Resource Survey reports and Historic Property Briefs based on research by the History Project. (See the Property About page for more information.)
  • 📷 Image Gallery – A separate image gallery with a dedicated interface for albums of photos, postcards, illustrations, and artwork, with interface for browsing, searching, viewing, and stepping through the albums. (See the Image Gallery About page for more information.)

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