1978 American Legion Carnival – Gary Saretzky

Legion Post 339 home, Van Dyke Road

Gary Saretzky has kindly shared his photos of the 1978 American Legion Carnival. This annual event was held at the post home of Hopewell Valley American Legion Post 339, on Van Dyke Road in Hopewell Township.

The Legion Carnival was one of a succession of major summer events in Hopewell, including Fire Department carnivals from 1911 through the mid 1950s, the American Legion carnivals in the 1960s and 1970s, the Business Association’s Community Day in the 1980s, and then the current Hopewell Harvest Fair since 1987.

The Legion Carnival

Legion Carnival was held at least from the late 1960s though the 1970s, on two consecutive weeks, the last weekend of July and the first weekend of August – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, from 7 pm to midnight.

1978 poster

The event included kiddie rides, amusements, refreshments, and free dancing to live music. The 1967 Carnival featured the Blawenburg Concert Band playing on Saturday nights and a fireworks show on the last night.

Coincidently, courtesy of American Legion Post 339, we also have a poster for the same 1978 Carnival shown in Saretzky’s photos. The 18th annual event was still going strong, with four different bands playing over the six days.

1978 Carnival – Gary Saretzky

For more on Gary Saretzky, see his photographs around Hopewell from 1978 to 1980, that provide a wonderful record of the buildings and businesses of the time.

These additional black and white photos of the 1978 Carnival focus on the people at the event – in the crowd, and working the booths for games and food.

Gary Saretzky photos of the 1978 American Legion Carnival

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1973 Carnival – Scrapbooks

We also have some informal color snapshots of the 1973 Carnival from Post 339 scrapbooks, particularly featuring the various amusement booths.

1973 American Legion Carnival – Post 339 Scrapbooks

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We welcome additional images and other materials from the Legion Carnival and similar events that we can share.

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