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Doc > PamphletHwBoro1896Hopewell Celebration 120th Anniv. of Decl. of Indep. (1896) – Normer GrayGoogdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro1908Pioneers of Old Hopewell (1908/1963) – Ralph Ege [10M]Googbook dochwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro19091909 Hopewell N.J. (1909) – Fry & Whitehead – photocopyHPLbook dochwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro1897Healthful Historic Hopewell (1897) – Normer Gray (PDF)HMbook dochwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro1897Healthful Historic Hopewell (1897) – Normer Gray (text)HMbook dochwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1876Historical Sketch of Hopewell, Centennial speech (July 4, 1876)HPL/HMdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1882Historical Sketch of Old School Baptist Church (1882) – PuringtonPBLdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro19091909 Hopewell N.J. (1909) – Fry & WhiteheadHPLbook dochwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro1931Town Records of Hopewell (1931) – Colonial Dames (Extract)HPLbook dochwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1910Bell Telephone Directory – Hopewell (1910)DHSdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro1960Hopewell Academy – Dean Ashton (1960)JDbook dochwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1966Hopewell Calvary Baptist Church – 95th Anniv Booklet (1966)CBCdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1915Historical Sketch of Hopewell First Old School Baptist Church (1915)HPLdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1921Library Week – Raising Funds for Hopewell Library and Museum (1921)HPLdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1966Jaycee Calendar for Hopewell Boro 75th Anniv (1966-67)HPLdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1969HwBoro Fire Dept – Building Dedication (1969)DHSdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro1917Blue and Gold – HwBoro High School Yearbook (1917)DHSbook dochwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1926Dedicatory Exercises, Hopewell Grammar School (1926)HPLdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1959John Hart Farmstead Plaque Dedication (1959)RLdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro1943Hopewell News – Ashton (1943-1946)HPLbook dochwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro1947Be It Ever So Humble (1947) – Dean AshtonDDbook dochwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1910Bell Telephone Directory – Hopewell – Annotated (1910)HvHistdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro1987Hopewell’s Past (1987) – Betty GantzHPLbook dochwboro
Doc > ReportHwBoro1981Natl Register – NJ Transit RR Station Survey: Hopewell (1981)NRHPdoc reporthwboro
Doc > ReportHwBoro1979Hopewell Borough Master Plan (1979)HwBorodoc reporthwboro
Doc > ReportHwBoro1985Hopewell Cultural Resource Survey (1985) – Hopewell BoroNJHPOdoc reporthwboro
Doc > ReportHwBoro1985Hopewell Cultural Resource Survey (1985) – Hopewell Boro – IndexesNJHPOdoc reporthwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1977St. Alphonsus Church Hopewell – 100th Anniv Booklet (1977)RWdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1986Hopewell Fire Department 75th Anniv (1986)HPLdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1984HwBoro Museum Christmas Tea – Susan Weart – Santa Letters (1983)DHSdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1961Hopewell Fire Department 50th Anniv (1961)CLKdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > ReportHwBoro1996Hopewell RR Station Preservation Plan (1996)HwBorodoc reporthwboro
Doc > NotesHwBoro2019Hopewell Railroad Research – Porter (2019)RPdoc noteshwboro
Doc > BookHwBoro2003A Stroll Through Historic Hopewell (2003) -Audrey JonesHPLbook dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020Explore Historic Hopewell: Broad & Louellen / Presbyterian Church (2020)HvHistbrief dochwboro
Doc > ReportHwBoro2018Cultural Landscape History of Cedar Ridge Preserve – Burrow (2018)BIHdoc reporthwboro
Doc > NotesHwBoro2020Historical Notes on Hopewell Presbyterian Church – Burrow (2020)BIHdoc noteshwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020Hopewell Boro History Timeline (2020) – Full VersionHvHistbrief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020Hopewell Boro History Timeline (2020) – Summary VersionHvHistbrief dochwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1991HwBoro Centennial Opening Ceremony (1991)DHSdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1991HwBoro Centennial Movies (1991)DHSdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro1999HwBoro “Our Town” Brochure (1999)DHSdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020HwBoro Veterans Orgs – American Legion and G.A.R. (2020)HvHistbrief dochwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro2016Hopewell: 270 Years of History – Blackwell (2016)RDWdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > PamphletHwBoro2011Hopewell Fire Department 100th Anniv (2011)RDWdoc pamphlethwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020HwBoro Fire Company History (2020)HvHistbrief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020History of the Hopewell Public Library (2020)HvHistbrief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020HwBoro Memorial Day – A History (2020)HvHistbrief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020Seminary Ave History in Hw Boro (2020)HvHistbrief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020HwBoro Barbers on Seminary Ave (2020)HvHistbrief dochwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2020Hw Boro Train Station Art (2020)HvHistbrief dochwboro
Doc > NotesHwBoro2016Mercer & Somerset Railroad and Frog War – Kilbride (2016)JJKdoc noteshwboro
Doc > ReportHwBoro20121932 Hopewell Phone Directory (Lindbergh) – Falzini (2012)NJSPMdoc reporthwboro
Doc > ReportHwBoro20211932 Hopewell Phone Directory (Lindbergh) – Falzini – by Street (2021)HvHistdoc reporthwboro
Doc > ReportHwBoro2006Lindbergh Resource Guide for N. J. State Police Museum – Falzini (2006)NJSLdoc reporthwboro
Doc > BriefHwBoro2021HwBoro Second Calvary Baptist Church Brief (2021)HvHistbrief dochwboro