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More on the Hopewell Inn – 15 East Broad

The Hopewell Valley Bistro & Inn building at 15 East Broad Street on the corner of Seminary Avenue was demolished in July 2022. Long known as the Central Hotel, the building had a nearly 150 year history as a residential home and store, bar and restaurant, and lodging and apartments

Hopewell Inn History

Hopewell Inn Tours – 2022

Hopewell Inn Memorabilia

Hopewell Inn Demolition – July 2022

More on Hoproco – Hopewell’s 1920s Toy Company

Hoproco, the Hopewell Products Company, operated from 1923 to 1929 at 18 Burton Avenue in Hopewell, and is still remembered for the five known metal toys it created.

Hoproco History